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    blowout investigator
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    Dec 2011
    midland, tx

    Hunting necessities

    I was just wanting to see what all you guys take with you when you go to a desolate hunting area. I know water is a must.

    thanks in advance
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    Junior Relic Hunter
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    May 2012
    South Carolina
    I'm sure it depends on the location. For me, carrying water isn't as big of a priority. In SC there is water everywhere so I carry an MSR Miniworks filter and various containers to fill up when I get where I'm going. One location I've been scouting is on a big creek so I carry a small amount in and fill up when I get there.

    The bag I carry when I'm outdoors is my bug out bag that I use for all around emergency prepardness. It has a little of everything and I tailor it to the situation. I add or subtract food depending on the days activities as well as a Samsung tablet for maps as well as rain gear and extra clothing. I use an alcohol stove to boil water for Mountain House meals. Sometimes I take MREs instead of MH, it just depends on what I want to eat that particular day. Overall, my bag resembles a camping setup without the tent and sleeping bag.

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    Graduate Arrowheadologist
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    Jul 2009
    Mine is no where near that complecated. Water, maybe a snack or two, a camera, zip lock bags and napkins just in case I find something delicate that I worry will not make it back to the car, sun block, and perhaps some Tecnu in case I wonder into some poison ivy. Plus a good walking stick... Raymond

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    Relic Hunter
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    Jul 2012
    Great Basin
    I think a GPS unit is very useful. First, you avoid getting lost and second you can record the specific locations of your finds. When I get back home, I write the information in a journal.

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    Elite Arrowheadologist
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    Jul 2011
    Austin Tx/Puerto Ayacucho Amazonas Ven.
    Depends on where I'm going but if I had to narrow it down to bare essentials: water, snack, salt, hat, toilet paper, plastic bags w/ felt or paper towels, small towel, and my wiggle pick. If its a surface hunt only I substitute a walking stick for the wiggle pick. If its a dig and I can park within 100 yards I take a 30"X30" 1/4" screen for sifting, a small shovel or intrenching tool, heavy duty four prong rake, small side folding saw, plastic tarp, and trowel. In the car I carry my rubber boots, change of cloths, and extra water. If Its a long hike I like to stash water at intervals so I dont have to lug all the weight and have a ready water supply on my return. If Im in a area Im not familiar with, with poor line of sight visibility, I will take some sort of flagging to mark my rout.

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    Jun 2012
    Zapata, TX
    I have my walking stick, camelback that carries a gallon of liquid, small snack just in case...mainly beef jerky, crown royal bag for my goodies, long sleeve shirt, jeans, a full brimmed hat and my .40 just in case!
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    Elite Arrowheadologist
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    Apr 2012
    Southern California
    I'm in California and it depends on where I go, but I usually carry these items.

    * Large walking Stick
    * Multiple Knives
    * Cell phone and Camera
    * Backpack or small shoulder bag
    * First Aid supplies
    * Small sifter made from a bakers can
    * Small folding shovel
    * Survival tool
    * Flashlight
    * Whistle
    * All weather flint fire starter/lighter
    * 1/4 to 1 gallon of Water
    * Protein source, High carb snacks

    Occasionally I've tugged along some climbing rope and flares too, but rarely needed
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    Graduate Arrowheadologist
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    Jul 2009
    Cut Bank, Montana
    Most of the places that we hunt here in our area of So.Tx. we can park the truck pretty close to where we're hunting. I made a couple of flintflickers out of 1/2" stainless steel tubing with brass probes at the end. Those, the camera, and the wife and I both carry 9mm Ruger semi's loaded with hollow points. A lot of migrating foot traffic in this area so it's wise to come prepared. I used to carry a modified doublebarrel but it's became a little heavy and cumbersome to carry in the brush. We're never more then a few hundred yards from the truck so don't carry water with us.

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    Jan 2012
    Knippa Texas
    I don't carry as much as some. I'm never to far from my jeep or home, but never hurts to be prepared. My list is usually.
    2.hunting knife,knife in boot,pocketknife in pocket
    3.walking stick...(if surface hunting)
    4.paracord bracelet
    6.use dental pics tucked into my pony tail (great for poking out small things)
    7.always boots, and jeans!
    9.an over the shoulder satchel to hold everything, but keep my hands free
    10.a couple of torn up towel rags
    11.lighter and marlboros.
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    Desert Rat
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    Feb 2009
    Y'all are forgetting the most important thing of all and that is toilet paper. It's no fun having to sacrifice a sock!


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