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    Let's see your DOGS.

    I've been seeing alot of posts on here about dogs and didn't see a thread about them yet, so here goes:

    This is Buckeye, my UN namesake.
    He's a little over two years old and a little over 90lbs., we got him as a rescue puppy.

    His mom and a few siblings died shortly after she gave birth and they tested them all and could not find out what killed them, so they were going to put the rest of the litter down.

    The rescue shelter I got him from saved them all...

    I saw his picture online as a pup, but he was already paid for, so we went out to see the ones that were left...they were all very nice and solid black....

    When they let him out with the rest, I asked why he was still there and they said the people decide not to get him because they lived in an apartment and thought he would be too big for it ( they were right).

    Well me and my son River spent at least an hour there playing with them and doing paperwork and then the time came to pick one out.

    I looked over and one puppy was just kinda wandering around, the other two were sleeping and there was Buckeye sitting on the porch, very intently watching my son climb a tree ( he has forever been a 'watcher', never seen a dog so keen on quietly sitting and watching things..figuring out what's going on).

    Well he was very easily trained...constant praise and reinforcing behavior...except for chewing when I wasn't home, which ended almost exactly at two years.

    Anyway all I know for sure is mom was a Shepard, but there most certainly is Shar Pei in there and I highly suspect lab as well, some see rhodesian ridgeback and one guy thought 'fox red' a new color for labs?

    Anyway some pics of his tongue and playing with Cinja, my X's Shep that I watch upon occasion...

    I'd like to post some pics of my last dog Charr ( RIP) later as well.

    thanks for looking and post yours too...
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    Just what I was thinking. The red comes from the ridgeback. He is beautiful.AND your son is quite handsome
    Our old farmdog was a rescue puppy too. Mom shephard, dad golden. I'll dig out some of his pictures at a later time.

    This is Josephine. Spouse kept saying no no no. But since the minute he saw her, he has been like an over protecting father. They adore one another. But she ignores him when she chooses. He will take her out before bedtime and he calls and calls for her to come in. I step to the door and barely get her name out and she hauls a$$, opens the patio door and in looking at me like 'I'm here, you rang' He just shakes his head.
    She is too smart. Anticipates everything. Food is her one downfall.
    She is spoiled but not pushy. Almost never barks. Only at strangers. The first time she barked we could not believe it came from her. Monster deep voice coming from this gentle lab. She has been an absolute joy. A man in San Antonio had his expensive truck stolen while he was in a store. His golden was in the back of the truck. He offered $10,000 for the return of the dog. The dog was returned and money paid. He said, I'm not rich, but my dog is worth every penny of that.
    I'll add some puppy pictures later
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    This is Rudy. Eight year old, 23 lb. Dacshund.
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    this Zelda.. my Chihuahua.. she is a pretty cool little girl...(she doesn't like having her photo taken for some reason...)
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    "..The Edge, there's no easy way to describe it. Because the Ones who know where it is, have gone over.." ~ Hunter S. Thompson
    "...I became Insane, with long intervals of Horrible Sanity..." ~ Edgar Allan Poe

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    Our Ankle biters, lol, the little one doesn't have a mean bone in her body, the other one...well.....
    Long (Pimento/Pim) and short haired (Gracie) chihuahuas, then 10, now 12 y/o

    And the best one ever, gone now a few years, still see and miss him, died old age.
    Chihuahua/Dachshund mix (ChiWeenie)

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    This is Bugs, a coonhound I had from '97 till '08. Through competition hunts she helped pay for a large part of my education. Many of evenings I'd drive to my parents house and take her hunting while I was in school.

    She was one of the best I've ever been in the woods with, and I think about her daily.
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    She's treeing up a storm! Nice pics! I had an old female Walker dog that I made Grand Show and Grand Night Champion! She was a sweetheart, and could work a cold track like you've never seen! We sold her brother for $10,000 at the State Hunt! I Miss coon hunting, too many houses nowadays!
    Matt 6:33 Seek first His kingdom and His righteousness; and all things will be added.

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    First pic is my pheasant hunting partner, Libby. This was taken last December in a hotel room in Kansas. The second pic is Max. Max is 14 and we had to retire him to the yard this past year. In his prime Max would make 200+ yard retrieves in the lake. My new pup is coming in February. I need some good ideas on names if ya'll would care to help me out. A one or two syllable name makes it handy when giving orders.

    Let's see your DOGS.-imag0335-1-jpg
    Let's see your DOGS.-img00073-1-jpg
    I didn't surrender neither. They took my horse and made him surrender.

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    Here's a thread I started on this subject a couple of years ago:


    First post in that thread shows my hunting buddy Martin. Still a great thread topic. I'll repost my mutts in this one later.
    Kevin J

    "Luminous beings are we...not this crude matter."


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    My Rottweiler mix, mixed with what...no idea. Lived most of his life in a 8' x 8' cage until I rescued him, now he's running free. Here's Jake performing his specialty move, sleeping.

    Those two birds pay him no mind.
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